Thank you for checking our store out, any orders help us to keep making riff-based music and ALL proceeds go directly back into the band.

All our own merch is printed on Gildan Ultra, the best quality shirts that are available imo. We're all nerds that own almost exclusively black band t-shirts and paying to get some shit-quality, poorly printed shirt that will fade or fall apart after a few washes is simply not on.

Pins & Knuckles print all our shit where possible. They are consummate professionals and we cannot recommend them enough.


Where's my order?

All orders are shipped out by band members - we run this whole thing ourselves. We endeavor to get to the post office once a week to ship orders but sometimes we have shows, tours or simply life gets in the way. If you need your order for a specific time, please drop us an email, otherwise, trust that your order will ship as soon as possible.

All UK orders are shipped via Royal Mail 2nd Class & all international orders via Standard Airmail. For reference, it has taken over a month for packages to arrive to the US before so patience is key.

Where's my pre-order?

If something is up for pre-order, we will try to give a bast estimate of when it'll be printed but it usually just comes down to a case of, 'as soon as possible' - again, please trust that we want to get you cool merch as soon as we can.

Why is it so expensive to ship worldwide?

It is stupidly expensive, that's really the only reason. If you're looking to put together a large order, please get in touch and I'll see if there's anything we can do. We try and keep our merch prices as low as possible - we know what it's like wanting to support a band and being priced out.

Will you be restocking x/y/z design?

Chances are, if it says sold out, no. Things that we've ordered or are planning to order will say either 'Pre-Order' or 'Coming Soon' - if you like something, make sure you chuck in an order while it's available.

Why don't you have my size?

Drop us a line, we may be restocking or there could be an error.

Where can I buy your album?

Mire is available from in vinyl / CD / DD formats, as well as all live shows - please note: we are often limited in what we can bring to festivals so if you're not sure, buy in advance. It will likely be cheaper too.